The band was founded in 2014, playing the legendary song of rock`n`roll and rock history.

Songs from the time of the first electric blues.
Names such as Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf, Albert King, Willie Dixon, Blind Willie and others, knows anyone who is interested in rock history.
Many of the greats of rock music is taught on these foundations, which later were and are the rock stars of the first magnitude Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top and many others.
We were inspired too and we play these basic gems on our own, so how everyone feels, and over the years we have mastered playing a certain play on the instrument.
We can say that the songs we play a distinctive way, we affirm our idols here and try to play the way “as our roots grew”.

We will play on any party in the club, on the big stage, and so on bikemeetings.